WCC 2011

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Carmelina Read is the Dean of Women at The Presbyterian Theological Centre in Sydney. In the past, she though only priests could read the Bible. Now, she cherishes the freedom of reading the Bible for herself and continues to be thankful that anyone can know God through His Word.


Security – Living for things that last in an insecure world. We know that our world is often shaken. We know our world is full of stuff and stress. These are three talks from God’s word which will challenge and help us to live for eternity. Be encouraged to live for what lasts.

Talk 1: Living For Eternity – Luke 12:13-34

Jesus’ words to us in the parable of the rich fool help us to think about what we are investing in. [listen]

Talk 2: Living Secure – Rom 8:31-39

Stress is hard for us to get a handle on. Carmelina helps us to understand stress from a biblical point of view and point us to honour God through it. [listen]

Talk 3: Living With Stress – Phil 4:4-6

Christian assurance is something many of us battle with. Romans 8 seeks to encourage our hearts in the security God gives us. [listen]