Such an encouragement to be with so many women who love the Lord Jesus.

Greatly encouraged to keep my eyes and confidence on heaven. Cannot wait for next year and bring more people. Yummy food. Thank you team!

Absolutely loved it. Talks were inspiring, encouraging and challenging. I have a renewed passion in my heart for my work colleagues. Fantastic venue, comfortable, great facilities, just lovely.

Talks were really challenging but easy to understand. I came last year and would come again. Good to meet with other women of all ages from the church.

Awesome, great to have Bible based easy to apply teaching – so encouraged.

Well organised and helpful. Enjoyed the worship, book reviews and interviews. Food was awesome!

Talks were so encouraging and relevant, Di addressed all hesitancies I’ve had about sharing the Gospel.

Great food, very reasonable cost, Great band and good selection of songs, easy to sing and pick up tunes.

Venue is wonderful. Catering is yum! Talks had very good scriptural reference and principles, but also good application.

Venue was very comfortable. I like the seats with plenty of room between rows. Food was very nice, a good selection and something to please everyone.

Lovely to see so many Christian women of all ages here-very heart warming and encouraging in our secular society. May our numbers grow!!

Outstanding convention- the best so far. I brought guests who loved it and are planning to come again with their own guests.

Talks were very relevant, especially when contrasted with worldly thinking which we pick up without realising it. Loved the logical easy-to-follow style and the exuberance of the speaker.

Brilliant venue – really comfortable seats and temperature.

Food was wonderful – lived up to expectations and beyond…

Great that plenty of time was given for morning tea as women talk! It wasn’t a rush to get a coffee, look at the books AND talk – which was great.