Unfortunately, we have come to the decision that we need to cancel WCC on 25 September due to current COVID-19 restrictions and the likelihood of these affecting our convention.

Our talks for Session 1 and 2 of WCC 2021 are now available to view here:

WCC starts at 9:15 and finishes at 3:15.

Over the day we have three main sessions’ with breaks for morning tea and lunch. There will be a coffee cart an hour before the conference so you can come early and mingle. A special morning tea is provided. The lunch break is 75 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to head down the road with friends to the many eateries at Church Corner to chat and encourage one another. Otherwise feel free to bring a packed lunch and sit and eat at the La Vida cafe area.

Talk 1 Hope in the God who is for you.

Talk 2 Trust in the God who is incomparable.

Talk 3 Comfort in the Sovereignty of God.

Sarah Lineham

Sarah will give two talks from Isaiah 40 which help weary people find comfort in God.

Jay Behan

Jay will talk on the Sovereignty of God. Although the thought of God being in charge of everything might raise significant questions for us, it also brings us enormous confidence, consolation and assurance.

Getting there

La Vida has some parking, but it would be ideal if you could car pool with people so we can fit as many into it as possible.
It is a 3 minute walk from Church Corner Countdown, where there is a bus stop if you are able to use public transport.

La Vida

La Vida has a large auditorium with comfortable seating. For Mums with babies there is a cry room with a video feed. If you get overwhelmed by large crowds or struggle with anxiety, there is a smaller gallery upstairs and some may find helpful to view from there.

WCC will have a great bookstall again this year for you to find books for yourself, friends and family. It will be open before the conference, during morning tea and lunch. Due to the risk of covid interrupting our conference we will only have a few copies of each title.

If you miss out on books at the conference, or are looking for good Christian books before the conference, Cornerstone Church has books available for you to browse at their church office. The Book Depository website is also another easy way to get Christian titles.

It is a great idea to read through Isaiah 40 before you come. The Bible Project is a group who does video summaries of many books of the Bible. They have done Isaiah in two parts which you can watch here and which you may find helpful. Overview: Isaiah 1-39 Overview: Isaiah 40-66

Registrations are on hold.

We are praying that we will be able to go ahead with our conference, but as we are all aware there is the small risk of covid levels interrupting our meeting. We will send out emails to all registered should a change occur, and post on our website and Facebook group. Covid has provided us with the opportunity to have local speakers this year, but it has also meant we are not able to provide a lunch option due to the risk of the outlay.

Your conference fees only just cover many of our costs of venue hire, speakers, design, printing, food. Our aim is to keep the conference as affordable as we can. However, if you are unable to make it because of the fees we would love for you to contact us using the form on this website. We don’t want anyone to miss out.

If you would like to donate to the work of WCC or to specifically support someone else coming you can donate directly to the account ANZ Bank 01 0797 0593658 04.